Pura Sangre


Pura Sangre Review

Churchill, 7” X 52


Initial Thoughts: The cigar has a fantastic aroma out of the package.  The aroma seems like the cigar should be a much darker wrapper.  It feels a little loose and has a few soft spots on it.  The wrapper feels very smooth, almost velvety. 

The Smoke: The cigar cut nicely and easily and when you light it the first thing you notice is the massive amount of smoke it puts out.  It’s a little difficult to get a nice draw because of the looseness of the filler.  The cigar does not have many underlying flavors initially and it’s harshness covers up and flavors that may be there.  You have to really search to find a hint of earthy and spicy flavors that are in there.  The cigar has a little unpleasant bitterness that comes through at times. The initial smoke of this cigar tastes like something you would expect out of a factory throughout or other low priced cigar.  When you progress to the middle of the cigar a lot of the unpleasantness begins to fade away.  The harshness drops off significantly.  The draw gets much better and makes the cigar much more enjoyable.  The cigar still burns a little too fast and sometimes burns your throat a little.  The flavors start to come out a little more in the middle and you catch notes of earthiness, spiciness, and a bit of an herbal undertone.  The finish gets a little too harsh again and makes the cigar less enjoyable.  The ash begins to crumble and fall apart and is testament to the loose packing of this cigar.

Appearance and Construction: 4/10. The cigar gets low points in this category due to how loosely it is packed.  The wrapper is a nice color.  The cigar had some very apparent soft spots when taken out of the cellophane.

Smoke:  5/10.  The smoke gets low points mostly because of the loose packing and the harshness.  The cigar burns your throat occasionally.  The flavor was decent in the middle of the smoke, but not good enough to make up for the poor beginning and finish.

Flavor: 6/10.  Although the cigar did not have a whole lot of flavor, the pure tobacco flavor it did possess was pretty decent.  The flavor was very mild, but because of how much smoke the cigar produced it made it seem much stronger and fuller than it actually is. 

Final Thoughts: Like I said in the introduction, this cigar definitely reminds me of a low priced cigar, such as a factory throwout.  Probably not one I would smoke regularly.  I could see this being a good cigar for a newer smoker who is progressing into better cigars.


6 thoughts on “Pura Sangre

  1. Between the terrible draw, not staying lit, being too harsh to enjoy, and way too expensive for what you get…never again would I buy one.

  2. I’m smoking the robusto right now that was gifted to me (never heard of it before I received it) so I Googled it and found this review. The cigar was nicely rolled with no blemishes and was firm along it’s entire length. The pre-light taste was a bit sweet and earthy. So far, it tastes pretty good…no bitterness or metalic flavors at all…not offensive in the least as I’m half way through. Nice medium tobacco flavors, not peppery or overly powerful…just a smooth, smokable cigar. I’ve smoked Opus that didn’t taste this good! Seems like I got lucky….

  3. Don’t waste your money. This cigar should be sold for $2.00 a stick, not $10. Mediocre taste and quality does not deserve a premium price tag, even though the guys in marketing probably said ‘let’s see if people are dumb enough to pay the high price’

  4. Absolutely bang on reviews! This is one of the worst. Hey, you get what you pay for. Waste of cash. Meh, had to try it.Now I know what cheap is!

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